The offshore waters immediately outside of Puerto San Jose/Puerto Iztapa Guatemala are without question the most sailfish rich waters in the world. The largest numbers of sailfish landed by both conventional anglers and fly anglers in a single day have both been set from this port. The fly caught record was set in 2006 and tallied more than 50 sails released by a single boat and the conventional tackle record also set in 2005 included more than 130 sailfish released. Days in which 20-40 fish are raised are not uncommon and it is safe to say that for anglers looking for maximum number of shots, this is the place. Most of the fishing occurs in an offshore bowl that begins roughly fifteen miles offshore and terminates roughly forty miles offshore. The region’s sailfish typically run from 70-120 pounds and are known to be willing takers of both flies and baits. 

While there are several interesting inshore venues available, including rooster fish and jacks, Guatemala is first and foremost an offshore destination based around sailfish and secondarily marlin. The Great Sailfishing Company employs a 37ft Hattaras, a 35 ft. Bertram and a host of 31 ft. Bertrams. All boats have a captain and two mates. While the crew is local, many members speak respectable English and are highly skilled at their trade. As many as four anglers can fish from a single boat but if you are serious about getting your fish on the fly we recommend fishing with a maximum of three anglers per boat.