Most (but not all) rooms have amazing views. The dining room and bar takes advantage of this spectacular view. At ground level (directly underneath) the dining room sits an “outdoor” but covered bar with a pool table. Guests can enjoy a cigar and the amazing vista. Talon also has built a massage area right on the water. Guests often listen to the sounds of whales breathing, eagles calling and the soothing sound of the surf while enjoying a professional massage from one of the two licensed massage therapists. Talon guests may also enjoy shooting clay pigeons in the evenings or play horseshoes on the white sand beach. Gourmet meals include Grilled Salmon and Dungeness Crab Bisque, prepared with freshly caught ingredients and own local flair. Just when you think nothing could compare to the day’s fishing and your gourmet feast, you step out onto the deck and take in a view of the Alaskan wilderness that surpasses anything you’ve ever seen.