Meals at Estancia Maria Behety revolve around the two per day fishing schedule. Usually anglers are up at 7:00 a.m. and fresh coffee and hot tea is available to shake the cobwebs out. In the dinning room a sideboard is topped with fresh fruit, hand-squeezed juices, yogurt, cereals, toast and pastries. For those that prefer a more traditional American breakfast, cook to order eggs, omelets, potatoes, bacon and ham are available from the kitchen. As is typical in South America the midday meal is grand, a full sit down meal with great wines, delicious desserts and good strong coffee. Dinners are served later than what most are accustomed to in order to accommodate the late evening fishing secession typical on the Rio Grande Dinners are usually lighter than the midday meal and a perfect night-cap before getting some z’sss and starting all over again the next morning.