Cinco Rios Lodge is a world-class fishing lodge offering the finest in accommodations and a list of activities in addition to superior fly fishing.

Guests can experience the highlights of the region, like Cerro Castillo; the Marble caves in the General Carrera Lake; the Puerto Ibañez hand paintings (done by the ancient Tehuelches).

Biking: Cinco Rios Chile offers mountain bikes and guides can take guests to trails that are close to the lodge. That allows guests to exercise and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.

Horse back riding: Guest who chose not to fish can try horse back riding on the Estancia del Zorro. To do this, they are transported 45 minutes east from Coyhaique and to Estancia del Zorro (Ranch of the Fox). There guests can experience the local wildlife and well as appreciate the life of a working sheep ranch. At the Estancia there are gentle horses that offer safe rides in a gorgeous environment.

Hiking: Close to Coyhaique there are some excellent hiking trails; such as the Trapananda or the Aiken Park, that allow guides to introduce guests into the local vegetation, and a better understanding of the area's environment.

Sightseeing: Within 1.5 hours from the Lodge guests can experience a wide variety of landscapes and locations. From the steppe on the east, to the rainforest and fjords in the west.

Condor Watching: For guests who would like to see the majestic Chilean bird, Cinco Rios Lodge has a tour called "Waking up with the Condors". Groups leave Cinco Rios at 5:00 in the morning and drive east to "Punta del Monte", an Estancia that belongs to the Galilea Family. There they will go to the condor cliffs after a 1.5-hour drive. From there, they can see the condors closely, in their natural habitat, gliding close by. Beyond a doubt, this is an experience of a lifetime.

Citi tour and Shopping: Cinco Rios is close to Coyhaique, a city of 45,000 people and the capital city of the district Coyhaique. There visitors can enjoy the traditional handcraft shops and restaurants, as well as the friendly local culture.